Introduction to Financial Markets and Trading

Basic information on the financial markets, what it is trading and how does the markets work. The basics for earning money by trading online are described efficiently for you to learn from the basic tier.

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Yes, you can join us from Europe, Australia, North America, South America, Africa, Asia, and even Antarctica. Wherever you are, we welcome you!

Yes, it targets everyone, from those without any prior experience to the experts trading for decades.

No. Grasp the skill for yourself to become self-sufficient thanks to SupportTrade. Because, you should not copy other traders’ signals to make profit consistently.

There are many different ways to trade, and not all of them provide the results we as traders are seeking.  Even if we can’t guarantee you the success, we can guarantee you that you will get the best Forex training from the experts. Our main goal here is to get you confidently trading with belief in your abilities and trust in your strategy.  Your improvement will be a direct result of your daily routine, your trade plan and practice.

We approach this fact as a powerful risk management.  We are the defendants of using stop loss, take profit and other useful orders in our trades or positions. Trading without these is almost like a gambling. On the contrary, we combine stop loss levels, take profits, FX knowledge, risk management, and give you the idea and knowledge on how to prepare a sound trading plan.

We offer one-on-one coaching to all SupportTrade members. You just need to become a member. Complete your registration processes and contact us for further details, questions and simply book your one on one sessions.

We cannot use your funds or open positions on your behalf. We only provide a very comprehensive education services and do our best to garnish you to become a successful trader.

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