Gold Trading: Best Ways to Invest in Gold

Many people choose to invest in gold for various reasons and this trend hasn’t lost momentum in many years. You can hedge yourself against inflation, earn more in today’s world in crisis, wars and regional clashes by understanding the best ways to invest in gold.

You can invest in gold in various methods. We will explain today how advantageous and safe is it to invest in gold overall. Let’s see how you should invest in gold.

Gold to Philippine Peso since June 2019

Gold to Philippine Peso since June 2019

Gold ETF

Gold EFTs can be called funds investing in the physical gold. Investors can invest in gold through exchange-traded funds (ETFs). To select this option, all you need is a trading account. This method is more profitable compared to investing in physical gold. SPDR Gold Shares, iShares Gold Trust and SPDR Gold MiniShares Trust might be considered as significant Gold ETFs.

Instead of keeping physical gold, gold ETFs allow your money to be invested in pure gold by 90% and the rest of your investment goes to the debt instruments.

Gold Mining Stocks

Just like investing in any stock market, you can invest in gold mining stocks. Gold mining stocks are related to the companies involved in the mining of gold. Some of these companies may be involved in other precious metals in addition to gold.

Under usual market conditions, their performance of them is directly related to the performance of gold worldwide. The other factors that might affect the performance of these stocks can be listed as; the cost of production (equipment, workforce, fees, etc.) and hedging efforts of the mining company.

The most conservative approach to gold investment and gold trading is to invest in physical gold. It is an old method. Simply you buy physical gold and you become a gold investor. You can acquire gold jewelry, which can be easily bought from any jeweler and the return rates purely depend on the current gold rates of the specific times. Of course, buy and sell fees and other taxes add to your profit equation in this scenario.

Another option is to purchase gold bars and coins, which is not vastly different from purchasing jewelry, but these are made of pure gold and do not include any jewelry production or labor charges.

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