Common Mistakes of Forex Traders to Avoid 

The Big Four of Forex Mistakes

From collateral to time management and sticking to one way of trading, these four common mistakes of forex traders should be avoided while investing.

Trading with only one currency

Traders often prefer their country’s own currency in the positions they open. There is no time zone difference and other factors such as news or data can be followed easily. When instruments in different time zones are preferred, traders can’t keep track of the data released during the day. You may face a big surprise when you wake up in the morning. 

However, this may limit your scope of trading. Try to avoid trading based on only one currency and expand your portfolio to become more active in the market.

Lacking Collateral Management

The second most common mistake could be the lack of attention to collateral. Traders should consider their collateral before opening a position. If you open a position on an instrument, which has high volatility, with a high lot size, a tiny movement against your will may end up as a ‘margin call’, so try to learn the average volatility of an instrument before opening a position.

Trading with only one instrument

Similar to sticking to trading with only one currency, many traders stick to one instrument. They trade only one instrument, or most of their trades only include one instrument. On one aspect, this might be considered a ‘true strategy’ by some experts. It minimizes your risk compared to trading many instruments. However, this move increases your opportunity cost. You will miss opportunities to gain profit on other instruments. In addition, trading multiple instruments can eliminate the risk of losing by hedging another instrument. 

For example, if you open a position in the EURUSD currency pair and suffer from losses, you can open a position in Gold or Silver and minimize your risk. 

Time Management Issues

Many traders are not good at arranging their time. Managing your time wisely is key to the success and the forex world. And you should also follow data releases and take action accordingly.

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