In the shadow of the development of technological structures around the world compared to previous periods, a new term has entered the internet network that people use to socialize and to meet their essential needs. While this word, which entered the literature as Metaverse, was defined as “Beyond the Universe” in Turkish, it came to the fore when Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, changed the name of the deep-rooted internet company.

What Is The Metaverse That Makes You Mention A Lot?
The term metaverse first appeared in the 1992 novel “Snow Crash” by Neal Stephenson. While this book, which is in the field of science fiction, takes place in the imagination of people, this term can be defined as the meeting of fantasy and reality in the environment where the internet age has developed

. The word “Metaverse”, which has recently appeared in cryptocurrencies and social networking platforms, especially in the game world, is a new word derived from the words “meta” (beyond) and “universe” (universe). Metaverse, which does not fit into a general definition, can be called a collective virtual social environment created by the convergence of physical reality and physically permanent virtual space, including the sum of the virtual world and augmented reality.

Why is Metaverse Important?
Even if Metaverse lags behind sci-fi and fantasy producers, it seems likely to generate trillions of value as a new computing platform or content medium. But overall, Metaverse takes the business platform model, which is a key component of physical experiences as well as the gateway to most digital experiences. On the basis of Metaverse, it is expected to replace the internet network, namely the World Wide Web (WWW), while it is expected to show a great rise in economic terms.

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